Checking in

I know that I post my weight each week up above on the ‘Weight’  tab but not sure if anyone looks there. It really is more for me, having a place to be accountable and to go look at when I need to remember where I started this journey. This Friday will be my 18th weigh in! Crazy! As of last week, my 17th weigh in, I have lost 20.2 pounds. That is an average loss of 1.2 pounds a week.

This is the longest I have stuck with actually following Weight Watchers in a long time! I think the last time I lost this much was back in 2010! The hardest part for me is mentally staying in the game… I have the tools (Weight Watchers meetings, gym, access to healthy foods, the knowledge, friends/family support)… the reason I usually fail is “ME”.

I do a lot of self talking now … if you could only hear what is going on inside my head, you’d think I was crazy. LOL I try really hard not to talk down to myself when I don’t make a great choice. I also try really hard to praise myself when I do! It is a day-to-day (ok honestly, an hour to hour) struggle for me. But the key difference for me has been not giving up after a bad hour/day/week…. case it point, my 5.2 gain a couple of weeks ago! In the past, that would have spiraled down into a month-long binge…. not this time though. I faced the scale, accepted it and learned from it.

Anyway, it had been a while since I posted just some rambling thoughts … my brain needed to purge a bit! I have a couple of things I want to really focus on the next few weeks, so I thought I’d list them here:

1) Really commit to Simply Filling! Whole, filling, power foods mostly! Fruits/veggies, lean proteins….

2) Amp up my activity … even if it is not specifically gym time, I want to make sure I am moving more day-to-day. I wear my activity monitor daily and want to hit my goals it has set!

Summer vacation starts in 1 1/2 weeks for my kiddos, so we will have lots of time to get moving and have an awesome summer!!!!



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