Foodie Friday!


So this week, I am featuring what I eat for dinner every Monday night! In our house, Monday is ‘taco night’… well, I don’t want or need the tortillas, so I simplified mine into a taco salad! It is yummy and filling and I always look forward to it! My kiddos eat their tacos and are happy, too, so it is a win-win situation.

On my taco salad is lots of yummy stuff!

-A base of shredded lettuce.
-2 teaspoons EVOO
-Fat Free refried beans (usually 4-5 ounces)
-taco meat (usually 3-4 ounces… I make it with 97% lean beef)
-one serving Reduced Fat shredded cheddar cheese
-mild salsa
-light sour cream
-fresh mashed avocado

It typically ranges around 15 PPV, which is normal for dinner for me (I get 47 PPV a day right now… as I lose weight/lose points, I will still eat the same things, just adjust how much of it I eat)




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