Foodie Friday!

So I have been toying with the idea of having a weekly segment on here … I love food and I love that I can eat all sorts of yumminess while following Weight Watchers! (Lifestyle change people, NOT a diet!!!) So I have been taking lots of photos of my food and plan to post a ‘foodie Friday’ post each week! I am excited to share the different meals and snacks I make and enjoy 🙂 Some are a bit more complex and some are downright simple! I will try to share the recipe if I followed one and the points plus value (PPV) if I remember! So here we go, first edition of….


I am starting simple…. but oh so yummy! This is my rendition of ‘ants on a log’ …

Celery stalks, PB2 (mix the powder with water to reconstitute it), raisins and semi-sweet chocolate chips! Slather the PB2 on celery and carefully place raisins and ch. chips so every bite is DELICIOUS! Mmmmm! Can’t remember the exact PPV for this but it was not bad at all 🙂 Didn’t need a whole lot of raisins or ch. chips…



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