Pollen attack!!!


The joys of living in Georgia in spring time … pollen! It literally covers EVERYTHING! There are actually huge ‘clouds’ of the stuff floating around.

I thought I was safe, but no … started feeling under the weather on Tuesday night. Luckily a friend gave me some allergy medicine to try and it seemed to work (along with my inhaler and some Aleve) and I am feeling mostly human when taking those three things.

My biggest fear on this healthy journey is that I will get derailed and give up. So far so good … I have continued making healthy food choices and tracking. I did skip a workout yesterday, but since I had a tight chest and couldn’t breath all that well, I figured that was the safest bet for me. Going to attempt to get some sort of workout in today.

Tomorrow is my 12th weigh in and I want to hit my 20 pounds lost goal! After my gain last week, I am 1.8 pounds away from that goal! No matter what happens on the scale tomorrow, I know that I am in it to win it (well lose it really haha!) and I will continue making good choices every day/hour/minute!!!



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