Actually 5.77% …. that is how much of me I have lost since January 10th, 2014!!! I am SO PROUD of myself! I cannot remember the last time that I committed to a healthy lifestyle for 11 weeks (which is what my last weigh in was… 11 weeks of following Weight Watchers!)

That is a total loss of 19.4 pounds.

I have made many changes … mostly, just being more mindful of things. Before I grab something to eat, I really try to think about whether I am truly hungry or not. I drink a TON of water! I eat a TON of veggies! I am counting down the days until summer gets here and farmer’s markets open. There is always a strawberry booth set up down the road from where I live, and I cannot wait to get a huge tub of them!

I have been trying to move more … and not just during dedicated workouts, but just in life in general. I have organized the garage, the freezer … I have big plans for Spring Break week (organizing the toy room with the kiddos). I also have been going to the gym 4-5 times a week.

I sleep better and I do not nap during the day (like I used to).

I even survived my birthday and I did it FABULOUSLY if I may say so 🙂 I tracked the night before and was able to have everything I wanted! Including THIS deliciousness!!!!


Tonight I am going out with some friends to a movie and dinner (sushi—YUM!) and for once I felt like getting a little dressier! Of course, for me, that means just some eye makeup and jewelry haha! But I feel good about myself! My head is in the game and I will succeed!!!!



4 thoughts on “5%!!!

  1. Congrats to you, Kellie! I am on the same journey and have lost about 12 pounds so far. It’s a good feeling to not beat yourself up every day because you know that you’re headed in the right direction, isn’t it? I’m rooting for you!


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