So I bought new socks the other day … not a big deal right? Well, a little background on me … I *HATE* socks and shoes! If I could live in Croc flip flops all year long, I would! (And honestly I mostly do…) But sometimes you need socks … so I have a bunch of socks, but they just don’t ever feel right (I kind of just assumed that it was because I rarely wear them and they just annoy me overall).

But I was out shopping randomly the other day and I walked by the sock section, so I took a peek. I found these and I was intrigued since I have ginormous feet and these were for people with ‘extended size’ feet and also were labeled as ‘ultra thin’. So I grabbed them to try!

Well OH MY GOSH! They are AWESOME! I wore a pair last night to the gym to work out. I was exercising on the AMT machine and my feet felt amazing! Seriously, my feet usually hurt on that machine and this workout they did not hurt at all!

So I guess that means I am going to get rid of all my old annoying painful socks and stick with these new awesome socks!!!!

socks 2


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