2 months down …

So tomorrow’s weigh in will be my 8th weigh in! Two months down! I am happy with my weight loss so far (-11 pounds in 7 weeks, which is an average loss of 1.6 pounds a week!)

I have not been perfect by any means, but I have made better choices MOST of the time. I have lived and enjoyed and not felt deprived at all! That is definitely important for me, because this is a lifestyle change for me … this is not something I plan to do to ‘lose the weight’ and then revert back to my old ways.

I have been working out a lot (for me!) and I have found stuff that I am enjoying! I know my workout regime will have to change eventually, to incorporate more strength training and also more minutes per week. But for now, consistency is the key and I have been pretty consistent! Check out my workouts here! As I said in a previous blog, writing it down keeps me accountable.

I have fallen down a few times… caught myself eating for no good reason. But the key is that I have STOPPED, TRACKED and MOVED ON! This weekend was a hard one for me… I used all my weekly points up plus some… but I stopped myself and made better choices. I earned some APs (activity points) and am back above water. What will weigh in bring tomorrow? I don’t know… but I do know that what the scale says each week does not define me! Every little choice I make each minute/hour/day/week defines me! I get just over 10,000 minutes a week … all I can do it make the best of them!

If you haven’t guessed, most of this journey is a mental one for me … I *know* what to do and I have every means in the world to do it! I just need to remind myself every day that it IS worth it!!!!!



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