Why do I?

Why do I let myself forget how GOOD eating healthy feels?? Today is day two of being back on track with my weight watchers. My breakfast was a delicious omelet and my lunch was this:


Why does it get to be so hard, with craving junky food, or getting lazy from making healthy stuff? I wish I could bottle up this feeling…. of being content, of feeling satisfied but not stuffed, of feeling proud of making good choices. I guess what I need to do is accept that there will come a day that it gets harder for me, and come up with a plan for it. Because every other time, when it’s gotten hard , I’ve just given up. And that certainly has not gotten me anywhere positive. We talked about planning at the meeting Friday. The word ‘IF’ kept coming up. IF I plan then I can succeed!!!!!!

PS totally did Aqua Zumba again today and I am officially in love with it!!!!


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