I wish…

I could be here posting at how well the last month has gone, but sadly no… it has not gone well at all with my journey to a healthier me.

Yesterday was a ‘restart day’ again for me … probably # 1million … but one of these days it will be my LAST restart day and I will just go on each day making the best choices I can make.

I don’t expect to be perfect by any means, but I expect more of myself … I expect more good days than bad days … I expect picking myself up after making one bad choice, not turning it into month after month of bad choices.

We talked about making healthy things HABITS at the WW meeting yesterday. We talked about that it takes 21 days to make a habit … and how that is a MYTH!  Huh. Who knew? At least that makes me feel a little more normal! It doesn’t just take those 21 days to make it habit… because I have been on plan for longer than that, and still fallen apart.

Anyway, I am just blah blah blah-ing on and on … but better to write here than to stuff my face with cookies 🙂 Mmmm cookies … LOL

I have lots I want to blog about … freezer cooking, exercising, healthy foods I have been making … who knows what else?! But mostly I want to be able to come back here and celebrate my successes! Whether that is weigh loss, inches lost, exercise achievements or just making good choices in hard situations … I want some POSITIVITY to post about! And yes, I know that *I* am the only one holding me back … so I guess I am talking to myself 🙂

For now, I leave you/me with this …




2 thoughts on “I wish…

  1. Kellie, maybe Nutri-System or something else? Or just try that thing about 30 to 40 cars per meal. Quit the WW counting & games for a while & see how you do. I truly think the WW makes you think about food all the time & how much an you get for how many points. XO


  2. Everyone has weaknesses. The key is to focus one day at a time on truly trying to do your best in any and everything in life. You have to set up an exercise schedule throughout the week that is consistent and promise yourself to stick to it. In regards to diet, I recommend three good portioned meals a day with healthy snacks in between like salad and fruit. Then, every other night or so you can promise yourself a limited snack. You could actually make this promise every night as long as it was proportioned right, so it was just enough to satisfy the taste buds. I feel ya though as I have my own internal demons that I’m dealing with myself. We all do. Exercise just happens to be one of them that I have not conquered, but instead keep fighting on the winning side each day. One day at a time babee. Stay in the fight!


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