That is me reappearing after vanishing in to thin air! Yikes! My last post was in March! Craziness!

Anyway, lots of things have changed … most notably, I am now posting from GEORGIA! Yep, we moved back across the country again… One year in Cali and back we came to the good ol’ south! I am 99% happy about it 🙂 I did enjoy our time in Cali and I would have liked to have had more time to see more of the west coast, but I am SUPER happy to be back in our own home, back to the land of grass and trees and back to civilization to where I do not have to drive 35 miles to get to a Walmart!

So I am back in full swing … house is (mostly) unpacked … all the boxes are empty at least 🙂 I rejoined MOMS Club (yippee!!) and rejoined the YMCA. Tomorrow I head back to Zumba and spin … I am so excited! The kiddos are pretty thrilled too!

Not much else to say … but had to check in 🙂 Going to weigh in soon (need to hook the Wii up still) and see exactly where I stand with this whole health thing. Need to get myself back motivated, which should not be too hard since I am SO EXCITED to get back to the YMCA *and* I have some awesome ladies all set to go and work out with! WOOT WOOT!

PS I will be back to post some photos of our trip back east eventually!


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