Weigh in day! Yippee!

I have to admit, the hard work feels so much better when I *see* the progress (either on the scale, or in taking my measurements)! This week, the scale was SO NICE to me! I lost 2.9 pounds!!! That puts me soooooooo close to my 5% goal, which is my first mini goal! YIPPEE!

Stats right now are:

~ -16.3 total pounds lost

~ average loss of 1.6 pounds/week (10 weeks since I started)

~ -4.98% total weight loss

Some things I have noticed:

*some clothes that did not fit, now fit! (Think this is my favorite NSV- non scale victory)

*As I said before, my feet no longer hurt when I wake up and stand up in the morning or after sitting for long periods of time (pretty sure I had plantar fasciitis)…

* I don’t nap anymore … I used to nap almost every day, even if just for 30 minutes. Crazy! I have so much more energy!

* I enjoy working out (most of the time!)

* I reach for apples now instead of something junky 🙂 (most of the time LOL)

So all in all, I am happy with the changes I have made the last 10 weeks! By this time next year I hope to be able to look back on each of my blog posts and see how much I have grown in my journey (and shrunk in my body!!!)

Ok, have to have one photo … sorry it is so long LOL It is my paperclip chain to show how much weight I have lost 🙂 16 clips so far!



One thought on “Weigh in day! Yippee!

  1. You go girl! I am at the 8-9 pound marker and still havent quite got to the workout mode yet… who has time! But I am getting to where the sun feels good and I want to be outside walking and working in the yard. Hoping that will help! I have a yard that could keep me active and exhausted 20 hours a week probably! Keep up the good work and keep us all posted!


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