Birthday success!

So yesterday was my birthday… I turned 36! That makes me closer to 40 now than to 30! I feel like I really made some positive choices yesterday though so I thought I’d blog about them so I can remember that making good choices IS possible, even at celebrations!

First of all, even though I had a really busy day (PTO meeting, school conference for Sammie, teeball game for Alex, homework time) I made time for exercise! I went to the gym and did 45 minutes on the AMT machine! What better gift to give myself than a good workout?

Then we had a little get together at the bowling alley on post. I ordered what I wanted (tuna melt sandwich) but instead of fries, I asked for alternatives, and got a side salad! We bowled a game (so again, doing something active!) and then I had made the cake myself, so I knew what went in it! I actually did not even end up eating cake until we got back home, because I was full, so I waited! I had a small piece when I got home and it was perfect and yummy! Oh, I also did not drink anything but water, even though in the past I would use the reasoning that a little lemonade or soda (root beer, my fav!!) would not hurt since it was my birthday!

I had a wonderful day with my family, and many wonderful friends! I was spoiled by everyone! Especially my hubby who COMPLETELY surprised me with an iPad! I was really shocked! He even wrapped it up inside a larger box so I had NO idea it could be that! I am loving it so far (which I knew I would since I am admittedly an Apple addict!).

So today, back on track! Tracking my food, making plans (since today is another busy day). I will make this healthy lifestyle WORK for me! No excuses!

Ok here are some photos now šŸ™‚



My lovely family ā¤

IMG_0004 copy

Sammie and I playing around with the iPad!

IMG_0002 copy

My cake! It was tie-dye inside šŸ™‚

IMG_4741 copy

The whole group! ā¤

IMG_4744 copy

Inside of the cake!

IMG_4748 copy


3 thoughts on “Birthday success!

  1. Great Job Kellie!! Its great to hear that you enjoyed your birthday while making those healthy positive choices, and from the look of your photos you had a great time! I have to say – your looking great so you should be very proud of yourself šŸ™‚ oh and your cake looks yummy – i love the tye dye effect!


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