Slacking …

These last two weeks have not been stellar… I have got to find the way to make everything work together! I feel like if I am doing a good job with the health stuff (working out, eating well) then the other parts of my life are not being met like they should be (you know— wife, mother, teacher, friend etc…). These are just excuses, I know. It is hard to get that exercise in when I have worked all day, then taken the kiddos to their activities, but it is just an excuse. Because if I don’t do it, then EVERYTHING will continue to be hard. Plus, the eating well part I have no excuse for! That can be done anytime, anyplace for the most part. I need to plan well, maybe prep ahead of time (lunches and dinners) but it can be done.

I realized the other day that I have not worked full time since May of 2006! Back then I just had Sammie around… I wish I had known how easy I had it! One little two year old … plus working full time … with a deployed husband … that was way easier than two kiddos, ages 5 and 8! Now I have their school schedules, sports, other activities … homework for both of them … cooking dinners, making lunches and breakfast (and making it diverse and healthy!) Of course, Dennis is here to help now, and he does help a ton! But he is working and also finishing up his college degree, so time is just limited.

I am going to be long-term subbing soon, so I have to get myself into a schedule … make some plans to make it all work! And hopefully someday soon I will be back in my own classroom full time … so I do not have time to be less than stellar! I have to figure it all out!

PS right now I am down 11.5 pounds which is an average weekly loss of 1.4 pounds since I started on January 14th. I weigh in tomorrow and while it has not been a great week, I worked all week and am hoping that activity will help!


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