Yep, I have been a slacker lately about blogging! Life gets busy so easily… but here I am! Not much has been going on … trying to make the best choices I can make, but having a bit of trouble. I am currently down -8.4 pounds total in 4 weeks, so not bad.

I need to find that balance so when I am super busy (subbing and kid stuff mainly) I can keep on track. One thing that will help me with that soon, is the new treadmill that will be delivered to me on February 14th! I am so excited! This will be great for those days I am working and cannot make it to the gym (they do not have any child care at the gym on post, so it makes it difficult to go when I work).

I have a foodie photo to share 🙂 This was breakfast this morning… 1 whole egg, 3 servings egg beaters, a TON of fresh spinach, 1/2 serving 2% shredded cheddar cheese, and 2 ounces salsa= 5 points plus! YUM! Had a cup of coffee with it and was completely satisfied!



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