More food :)

Remembered to take a few food photos this week, so I thought I would share! Things are going well … had a couple good workouts this week… also had a one day stomach bug and that was no fun. Going to get through the weekend and then have a GREAT weigh in on Monday! Ok so here are some of the yummy dishes I made this week!

This was dinner on Monday night. Grilled mesquite pork chops (6 1/4 ounces), 3 2/3 oz broccoli, 5 1/4 ounce baked potato with two servings light sour cream, 1/2 serving 2% shredded cheese, 2 tsp EVOO and then one serving no sugar added applesauce… total Points+ value of 16 points! SUPER yummy and filling!



This is one of my FAVORITE lunches! It is a Flatout Flatbread with 2 wedges laughing cow light swiss cheese spread on it, 1 serving Hormel Turkey, 1 serving fully cooked bacon, 67 grams avocado, 12 grams spinach. OMG YUM! It literally makes me smile 🙂 Points+ value is 10!




Another favorite lunch… Flatout Flatbread, MorningStar  Tomato & Basil Pizza Burger, 18 grams spinach, 1/2 serving pizza sauce, 2 slices ultra thin swiss cheese. Points+ value was 8!




And this was dessert one evening! Two slices of whole wheat bread, one serving nutella, and a banana all grilled together with two teaspoons of EVOO! Soooooooo yummy! Points+ of 10! Yep it was a bit indulgent, but I had the points and I still needed to get my healthy oil and a fruit in!



So as you can see, I am certainly not eating boring stuff! Yummy food AND getting healthy? YES!



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