Workout hair!

So for me, how my hair is can greatly affect my workout … I HATE having little fly-aways bugging me while I am trying not to die on some cardio machine or while I am trying to keep up in a group class. I have super fine, super thin hair, so I cannot really do much with it. I have had it super short, long and straight and that is about it.

Well about 2 years ago I came across these cute little hair bands … the larger ones never seemed to work for me and I needed SOMETHING that would work on those little fly-aways. So I bought some. And WOW! They work great 🙂 I love them! Cannot imagine a workout without one now!

Anyway, on another note, yesterday I spent all day cleaning the house… it was beautiful weather, so I kicked the kiddos outside and got to work organizing, doing laundry, vacuuming etc … on a whim, I decided to try and pull my hair back into a teeny tiny ponytail (my hair has been short for a while, but I have not had it cut since June). Well it worked… barely! But my teeny tiny ponytail and one of my super awesome hair bands did the job 🙂 Workout success today!

Is it ironic that I was just thinking I would reward myself with a nice new super short hair cut when I got to *X* amount of weight loss? Hmmm …. with the new found ability to be able to pull it back for my workouts, I am thinking a hair cut will have to wait….

Here are a couple photos of said super teeny tiny ponytail! Sorry for the cruddy back shot, but it was i-Phone+mirror photography!

PS- I did 50 minutes in the gym this morning! 20 minutes on the AMT and 30 minutes on the treadmill!

IMG_4524 IMG_4525


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