Weighed in!

Today was weigh in day! I felt pretty good about my week and was thrilled to see that I was down 8 pounds! That is a loss of 2.44%! I am realistic and know that big losses like that won’t happen very often… it was my first week after all! But it feels good!

I am trying to come up with a visual way to see my weight loss … some ideas I have had are:

– Make a paper chain with one chain for every pound lost …

– Get a glass jar and put *something* in it for each pound lost …

– Put a dollar in a jar for every pound lost and use it for something fitness related when I hit a certain number …

Anyone else have some ideas? Please share them! I will make sure to share whenever I decide what to do 🙂


4 thoughts on “Weighed in!

  1. I have never thought about this. I am not very imaginative but, I am interested in what people might suggest. I like the paper clip idea or maybe some ribbon type things tied together. You can drape it on the mirror or something to remind and inspire.


    1. Paper clips are a good idea!!! Easier than a paper chain …. and it can easily hook somewhere! I need to drape it over my refrigerator haha! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂


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