Day 6…

So today is Day 6 of my journey and I wanted to document how things are going so far….

-I have been completely on point, tracking every thing I eat/drink/taste!

-I have made wonderful foods and been completely satisfied with each meal!

-I have worked out at home twice and the gym twice!

Has it been completely effortless? No, not at all … each day, each meal is a battle to win. Going to the gym is a conscious choice I make each time …. it is not natural yet. A lot of times I need to talk myself into going to work out. Working out at home is even harder, with so many distractions right around me! But I keep telling myself that there is no choice, that I must just do it.

I am focusing 100% on this journey and trying to visualize the end results (though they feel so very far away). Some days I need to actually repeat to myself that this is worth it … that *I* am worth it! No excuses…

I weigh in on Monday again … I won’t lie and say I have not stepped on my scale this week … I am trying REALLY hard not to weigh every day, but I have snuck on a few times. I am contemplating having my husband hide the scale so I cannot do that. Once a week on my wii fit is all I need to be weighing.

What I plan to start doing:

1) Taking photos and posting all of the yummy foods I have been eating! It is amazing how good healthy can taste!

2) Strength training … all I have done this week is cardio and a tiny bit of yoga. I want to incorporate a scheduled strength training routine, specifically one I can do at home.

3) Once or twice a week, walking to get my son from his school.

So anyway, thanks for reading…. I figure I might as well write down my thoughts, good and bad, so I can have this to look back on!


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