Our day in LA!

We had a GREAT time going down to LA on Saturday! Stayed in Chinatown, which was pretty cool. We drove around there but did not walk around… I had other plans!

First stop was not actually in LA, but near Pasadena… see, I am and always have been a HUGE Beverly Hills 90210 fan! Watched it from day one and still watch it on reruns to this day (in fact, yes I am watching it as I type this)! So I did a little snooping around online and found TONS of info on shooting locations for the show… including the house that was used as the Walsh family house! SO COOL! So of course we had to go there first. We took some photos and were on our way!

IMG_4678 copy

Then we headed to the Hollywood Hills to get close to the Hollywood sign. I again googled where the best place was to see the sign, and found an address we plugged in to our GPS. It took us in the TINIEST little streets! That in itself was an adventure! But we made it as far as we could and got out… there was a little bit of a hike down the hill and then a breathtaking view of the sign and also the Hollywood water reservoir! Very cool!

IMG_4679 copyIMG_4683 copy IMG_4695 copy IMG_4698 copy

Future photographer right here!!!

IMG_4701 copy

After that, we headed back in the car and drove down to Hollywood Boulevard to see Grauman’s Theater and walk around to see all the craziness!

IMG_4711 copy IMG_4712 copy IMG_4713 copy IMG_4714 copy

Lastly, we headed down to finally see the ocean at Santa Monica Pier! We hung around the beach for a while (definitely going to go back when it is warmer!) and then we played around on the pier for a few hours. It was definitely a fun experience and it was really neat to see a place I had only ever seen in movies/TV shows!

IMG_4725 copy IMG_4735 copy IMG_4784 copy IMG_4807 copy IMG_4828 copy IMG_4888 copyUntitled-1So we did quite a bit in just one day! I had a great time and made so many memories with my family! Hope to see as much of California as we can in our time here!


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